Willow class having fun exploring the toys and games


Willow Class are learning about Our Wonderful World in World Views.  We talked about how we can help to care for the chicks and the seeds we planted.


Willow class have been making Easter gardens.

In willow class the children have explored free drawing on the interactive board. 


In willow class the children were working on identifying larger and smaller groups of objects in Math's. 

 Some children from Willow class were representing amounts using numerals. 


Willow class making maps


Our new topic is ‘Journey to the cold Pole’ so the snow came at a perfect time. The children loved touching it, throwing it and building (very tiny) snowmen.


Willow class enjoyed doing Gymnastics in their PE lesson

Willow class visited St Augustine’s Church to find out why it’s a special place.

This week Willow have been making up puppet shows, sharing out picnic food and taking care with their writing!



This week we have been building animal homes and counting how many animals live in each home, counting sandcastles and comparing what happens to building materials when they get wet!


This week, Willow have been working on developing their physical skills on the climbing frame.


Willow Class’ first week at school 

The children have had a fantastic first week at school. They have come in very sensibly and settled quickly. The children have learnt to put their things away and are beginning to understand the routines throughout the school day. They have enjoyed going on the playground at playtime and lunchtime, especially those with older siblings. At lunchtimes the children have been carrying their own meals to the tables and trying lots of new foods. We will continue to work on using cutlery in school, if you could do the same at home that would really help them. Our learning this week has been based around ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been retelling the story, drawing pictures and doing lots of building with different objects.   

We will be holding a ‘Six weeks in’ meeting on the afternoon of 11th October. During this session we will explain more about happens in the classroom and how you can support at home. If you have any questions or concerns about how your child has settled in, please speak to Mrs Morton or Mrs Hill at the end of the day. Thank you for all of your support and for making the start of the year such a positive one for all of the children.




W/c 12th June

This week, we have been learning the different ways to make 10. We have listened to songs, made the number 10 using numicon and played a game on the computer.

W/c 15th May

This week, we have been talking about healthy eating. The children chose an animal to make out of fruit, they helped write a shopping list of what I needed to buy, they then made the animals and enjoyed eating them!

W/c 8th May

This week, we have been setting up obstacle courses, we then travelled through, over and around them.

W/c 20th March

This week, we have been looking for and talking about signs of spring.       


W/c 6th March

This week, in World Views, we have been learning about how Christians remember Jesus dying on a cross at Easter. We tasted hot cross buns and then made our own out of salt dough and painted them. We talked about why they have a cross on them.           

W/c 20th February

This week, in Maths we have been counting fishes and learning different ways to make 10.     


W/c 30th January

 This week, in maths we have been looking at weight. We weighed different animals to see which was heavier/lighter.         

W/c 23rd January

This week we read the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In our Maths we had to work out how many pigs would be left after the wolf had eaten one of them.        

W/c 9th January

This week we started on our new topic, ‘Land and Sea’. We looked at different land animals and made a zoo for them. We thought about who could live together and what they might need in their enclosure.



 W/c 28th November

This week Rev. Bev came to visit us. She talked about how Christians celebrate Christmas at church.    


W/c 7th November

This week we saw a real fire engine and learnt about all of the tools on board. We also made our own fire engines out of junk. We joined different materials and painted them afterwards.   

W/c 31st October

This week we followed a recipe for a mud cake in our mud kitchen. We had to read the numbers and count the correct number of each ingredient.  

This week we followed a recipe for a mud cake in our mud kitchen. We had to read the numbers and count the correct number of each ingredient.