School Council

The School Council is a group of people who are chosen to make tough choices throughout the year. Every year a vote takes place in which your class chooses who to nominate for school council. Two people from each year group who get the most nominations from their classmates is chosen to be in the School Council for the following school year.

What type of decisions do School Council make?

School Council make many decisions in the year such as:

  •  What comes into the school next

  • What we need in the school

  • If we should enter a school competition

  • Use classmates ideas to make our school a happier better place

  • Change school uniform

  • Design a new webpage

Do the students have to have a special ability to be able to go into School Council?

No, anybody can be nominated for School Council, except people who have been nominated before. Although anybody can be nominated, it doesn't happen very often, and anybody who misbehaves could be taken away from the School Council group and someone could replace you. School Council is a big responsibility because you are representing your entire school for a year.

What happens in School Council meetings?

Nearly every Friday School Council come together to discuss several ideas, thoughts and things to help make the school a really fun and great place to learn.

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Anti Bullying

The School Council have recently produced an Anti Bullying Policy to help the children understand what bullying is, what to do if they experience it and what their rights are. The Policy can be found by clicking here