This week in Literacy Elm class have been writing a recount of their exciting trip to the home of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C, the Amex Stadium.

This week in DT Elm class have been sewing trousers for the Stone age character Ugg. . They had previously written a set of instructions to follow.

In World Views this week the children acted out the story of The religious man and the Shop keeper


In Elm Class this week we practiced giving our partners directions using the eight points of the compass.


This week in PE, Elm Class practised  their attacking and defending skills in Netball.

Elm class used magnets to test and sort materials.


Welcome back to a new school year!

W/c 4th September


This week in Science, Elm class have been learning about forces and magnets. The children created freeze frames of themselves displaying actions that use push/pull forces.


W/c 3rd July

This week Reverend Beverly visited us to talk to us about Pentecost

W/c 26th June 

This week, in World Views, Elm class have been learning to make links between the story Day of Pentecost and Christian belief about the Kingdom of God on Earth.


W/c 22nd May

This week, in RHSE, Elm class were investigating how viruses are transmitted by measuring sneezes!

 W/c 15th May

This week in Writing Elm class have been learning about persuasive writing and have been gathering information to produce a leaflet that will make us want to visit the Galapagos Islands!

W/c 6th March

This week in Writing we have been collecting sounds from around the school environment ahead of planning our own ‘Sound Collector’ poems.

W/c 27th February

This week in Science, we have been investigating ‘pitch’ using different instruments and objects;  and what factors might affect it.

W/c 20th February

In Writing we have been collating setting descriptions and creating our ideas books based on The Dream Giver.

W/c 30th January

In Writing we have been looking at character descriptions and how these help us bring a character to life.

W/c 23rd January 

In Maths we went on a scavenger hunt to find the answers to our times tables calculations.


W/c 21st November 

In World Views Reverend Beverley came to visit and we had a discussion about the kind of world we think Jesus wants.

W/c 14th November

In Art, using Henri Roussseau as their inspiration, Elm class have been sketching designs in preparation for creating their own paintings.


W/c 7th November

In Writing, Elm class have been learning who to use prepositions to describe a setting.



W/c 17th October

In Science Elm class have been testing materials to find out which conduct electricity


W/c 10th October

In PE, Elm class have been practicing their netball skills and providing feedback for each other.


W/c 3rd October

In Science, Elm class have been learning to make electrical switches


W/c 26th September 

In Maths, Elm class have been ordering numbers up to 10,000