In Maths this week, we have been working on Measurement. Within this we have been exploring ways to measure mass. In this activity we were making predictions and then testing how many cubes it would take to balance the mass of some classroom objects.

In World Views, we thought about what it means to be thankful and learned about what a Sukkah is. We built our own Sukkahs and decorated these.


Within our Computing lessons, Beech Class have been trialling their own set of commands to create algorithms with an online Beebot. They have been particularly focusing on programming with the forwards, backwards and turn commands.

In Art this half term, Beech Class have all been working on drawing portraits. This week they explored some artwork by Picasso, thinking about how he used colour to show emotions. We used this to inspire our own use of colour in portrait artwork.

Beech looked for ‘caterpillars’ that were camouflaged in the grass, to find out which colour was the best camouflage.  The green and brown were hardest to spot!

Beech Class loved getting to participate in the country dancing workshop this week as part of May Day celebrations. They learnt two routines from the wonderful dance teacher who came into school for the day. It was a lot of fun!

We’ve been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and learning about their different properties. Some groups have been challenged to sort shapes using Carroll and Venn diagrams thinking about one and then more than one category for sorting them.

Beech Class absolutely loved their trip to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. We learnt about what toys were made from and how these toy materials have changed. We also made a timeline dating back 6000 years to the earliest known toy. It was a brilliant trip – “the best day ever!”

A couple of weeks ago, in groups, Beech Class made design plans for their own boat products which would have the purpose of safely carrying their paper people across water. This week the children worked collaboratively to make their final products using a range of tools and materials. They tested their boat models on real water and evaluated how functional and appealing they were. They all floated!

Beech Class had a lovely time welcoming Rev Bev into the class to answer their questions about Christian prayer.


In RHSE this week, Beech Class enjoyed making their own worry dolls.


We has such a wonderful day for World Book Day this year! We enjoyed sharing our ‘Story Jars’, exploring books in the library, making bunting and book marks, decorating our own Rainbow Bears, participating in a Relax Kids story workshop and listening to stories read in other languages by some lovely staff and parents. What a busy but fantastic day!


In Art this week, Beech Class explored how we could use different papers to create a range of textures in a composition: cutting, tearing, scrunching, folding and bending as well as using layers.


We showed collaboration, resilience and creativity when we designed and made our own shoes, linked to our reading of the story The Elves and the Shoemaker.


Having researched and discussed how we can help birds that don’t migrate in winter and what they like to eat, we had lots of fun in DT making bird feeders using our chosen design.

Beech Class are really enjoying learning dance in their PE lessons. We have been exploring different ways of travelling and turning through corner work and within a group routine.


We have been really grateful to have a new set of Chromebooks to use in our learning. We have been practicing using our own login details to sign into these independently to access and play some learning games.


Year 2 were learning about how they could create different shades of a primary colour, when painting, by adding white.

This week we were introduced to our new topic A Journey to the Cold Place. We looked at the story ‘The Snowman’ and wrote our plans into our Ideas Books ahead of retelling the story in our writing next week.


This week we were introduced to our new topic A Journey to the Cold Place. We looked at the story ‘The Snowman’ and wrote our plans into our Ideas Books ahead of retelling the story in our writing next week.

We really enjoyed decorating our gingerbread men using icing and lots of sprinkles

Over the last few weeks, Beech Class have been learning to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the glockenspiel as part of their Music lessons.


This week in Beech Class we loved making our own gingerbread men, following a recipe to do this. We are looking forward to decorating and eating these at our gingerbread party soon.


We constructed and made our own tally charts and block graphs using data collected from our classmates.


 Beech Class started the half term by having an enrichment morning for the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. One of the activities we tried was bridge-building with crates. We considered how it felt to walk across the bridge and used this to collect some vocabulary.

We investigated what material would make the safest crash mat for Humpty Dumpty by conducting a simple test with bouncy eggs, a measuring stick and different materials.

This week, Beech Class all went on a local area walk to explore some of the different houses near school. We were able to see detached, semi-detached, terraced and bungalow houses. This has linked in with our Geography work and has supported our non-fiction writing.

In Maths we have been working on different types of measurements for length, mass and capacity. This group were investigating the capacity of different containers to be able to order them from highest capacity to lowest capacity.


In DT this week, we worked in partners to build our own sliders that would make pictures from the Gingerbread Man story move. The key skills we worked on were cutting and joining.

Welcome back to a new school year!

W/c 4th September

Beech Class were welcomed back to school this year with a Three Little Pigs themed building enrichment morning. We built straw houses for miniature figures, tried den building and constructed with bricks as well as role playing the story.



W/c 3rd July 

Beech Class had a Science-filled afternoon as part of the school’s Science Week. We investigated how Science was like magic, debunking how these tricks worked. 



 W/c 26th June 2023

Year 1 began learning the skills involved in paper weaving in their Art this week. They practiced using two different pieces of card and a pair of scissors.



W/c 19th June 2023

Within our History lessons, we’ve been learning how to use topic books to locate information to answer our questions about transport in living memory.