W/c 22nd May

This week we got to take part in the whole school Country Dancing event and dress up in regal clothing for the King’s coronation. We enjoyed showing our families our Dance Competition routine and our Maypole dance.

W/c 15th May

In Geography, we have been using different resources to explore where countries are around the world. We also shared some of our own experiences of visiting other countries.

W/c 1st May

Beech Class are developing striking and fielding skills in P.E. This week they learnt about how to control a ball with a bat and experimented with how holding the bat in different ways could affect this.

W/c 24th April 

We looked at different representations of 2-digit numbers and played games to check that we could recognise these.

W/c 18th April

This week, we had the first of our clay workshops and began learning how to make pinch pots.

W/c 27th March

We really enjoyed taking part in the whole school dance competition and supporting the other classes. We were proud of our performance and won the Glitterball.

W/c 20th March

We started working in groups to create a collaborative art piece showcasing lots of the skills we’ve been working on in Art.


W/c 13th March

As part of our History lesson, we worked in small groups to use our referencing skills to find out information about the Wright Brothers and consider their importance.


W/c 6th March

In Science, we identified and classified plants by the environments that they grow in, considering how the needs of these plants can vary (amount of water, warmth, sunlight, nutrients, space to grow).

W/c 6th February

Beech Class have been writing letters to Sir David Attenborough about his animal documentaries. We have posted these in our local postbox.

 W/c 30th January

We have been working scientifically by observing over time the growth of beans that we have planted. We researched what seeds need to grow and decided how to care for our seeds.


W/c 23rd January

In Geography, we researched the North Pole and South Pole, considering their climates and physical features.


W/c 16th January

We reviewed our knowledge of Number 10 Fact Families by representing these with different patterns and concrete representations



W/c 9th Janaury

Year 1 have been looking at Artwork by Kristin Moger, using this as inspiration to experiment with drawing lines and shapes.

W/c 2nd  January

We took our cameras outside and photographed the plant life that we could find in our woodland area. We talked about the different plants we found and thought about what questions we had and the types of scientific enquiry that we could use to find answers.


W/c 12th December

In Maths, we’ve been learning about common 3D shapes and their properties. We built some of these shapes and used Maths vocabulary to describe how many faces, edges and vertices our shapes had.

W/c 5th December

We had a visit from Reverend Beverley and asked her some of our questions. She told us all about what Christmas is like at the Church.

W/c 28th November 

Beech Class were looking and experimenting with how to make different shapes with our bodies in gymnastics. We worked particularly on creating tall, small, wide, thin and bendy shapes


W/c 21st November

We have been learning about different types of measurement in Maths. We used our knowledge of mass and capacity to measure the ingredients for a fruit salad.


W/c 7th November

We were having a look at what an algorithm is and how we can use decomposition of a desired result to create our algorithms. We did this by drawing pictures and teaching our partners how to recreate the drawings in small steps.

W/c 31st October

In Art, we have been practising the ‘Wash the Baby’ method for mixing powder paints and used this to explore primary and secondary colours.

In Art, we have been practising the ‘Wash the Baby’ method for mixing powder paints and used this to explore primary and secondary colours.

W/c 17th October

 In World Views this week, we used role play to act out stories we have read this half term to support our learning  'Jonah and the whale' and 'The hardest Word'


 W/c 10th October

We have been learning about how to share objects and amounts in Math's. Here we worked as a group to share equal quantities of food and drink between two picnic guests