W/c 8th July - In maths this week Beech class have learnt to name, describe and sort shapes. The Year 2's made 2D shapes out of straws and described the corners. 

W/c 24th June - The Year 1's have been using money this week in Beech class. We have found different ways to make 50p and amounts to 50p. Some of the pupils challenged themselves making amounts to £1 or even more. 

W/c 10th June - In Beech class we have been learning  how to look after ourselves. We learnt about fitness, food and hygiene. We made information leaflets and shared them with Willow class. 

W/c 13th may - This week in Beech class we have been thinking about how special the Torah is to Jewish people. We made our own Torah's and wrote on it what we wonder about. 

W/c 23rd April - Willow and Beech class launched their new topic Paws, Claws and Tails with a morning exploring the story Greedy Zebra by Mawenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway. they choose and described fabrics that could be animal furs or skins. 


W/c 25th March - This week in Beech class we have been making dragon eggs out of paper maiche. 

W/c 11th March - On Monday a baby dragon hatched from the egg that Willow and Beech class had been looking after.